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Over ten years of STEM teaching experience, we strive to unlock students' creative and problem-solving potential with an immersive hands-on STEM learning experience

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Be Inspired by Technology, Great Things Can Happen

Our mission is to inspire and develop the ‘builders’ of tomorrow, all of the educational solutions are designed to inspire interest in STEM subjects and continue to create solutions that combine the physical techniques with the digitals to devlier with the skill that students need to go into and thrive in STEM careers.


What We Offer

For students to succeed, they need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skillset, with which they can progress towards a bright future. We all know that our upbringing and early experiences have had a lot to do with who we are today. Therefore, to build a successful career for our students today, we need to motivate them towards pursuing a STEM-based lifestyle.

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Bonobos® Mechanics 

For K3 - P1 Students

Bonobos® blocks were designed by R-kids, to work in conjunction with other products to bring new functionality and depth of learning. LEGO® and SAM Labs connector blocks can interconnected with the Bonobos kit, allowing for straightforward integration with every sensors and motors.

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SAM Labs®

For P2 - P3 Students

SAM Labs® originated from the UK, offers curriculum-aligned lesson plans and projects, engaging web-based coding apps, and versatile Bluetooth SAM Blocks that are built to last!

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For P3 - S5 Students

Combining LEGO® building elements, easy-to-use hardware, and an intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch, SPIKE engages students through playful learning activities to think critically and solve complex problems.

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Virtual Solution

For P3 - S5 Students

CoderZ® originated from Isarel, is a gamified coding platform that makes it easy for anyone to learn (and teach), using robots to bring the subject matter to life!

Explore Our
STEM Program

Our workshop is located in TST, Hong Kong.

STEM programs are ranged from K3 - S5.

Mechanics in Motion

P2 - P3

Robotics in Action

P2 - P3

Robotics Adventure

P3 - S1

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

If students are going to be creative, they need to take risks.  If they take risks, they need to accept and to welcome failure as an integral part of an eventual success.  One of the unique aspects of our STEM learning environment is that eventual success is not necessary, as the learning that happens along the way still makes the endeavour worthwhile. Rather than ensuring that every student comes away with the same knowledge or set of facts, our program push for distributed expertise, taking advantage of the individual student’s strengths, interests, and skills. 

Based on this philosophy, we pursue an interactive, supportive, and transparent teaching methodology, we develop our unique STEM curriculum with a range of carefully selected education software and hardware. 

World Leading Competition Participated & Awards

We encourage and provide the opportunity for schools and students to participate in many local and international STEM competitions. 

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